Dear community,

We are honored to announce our New Website has been deployed, which means the Trusted Sharding is becoming reality, the Mainnet enters the countdown phase.

As we described in the monthly report of April, there are 4 steps in Mainnet, Stage ZERO, Stage ONE, Stage ADVANCED, and Stage ULTIMATE.

In Stage ZERO, our mission is to open the door of the future, push the start button of MultiVAC, and make sure it’s stable.

Although it is a trial operation stage, it is also a Mainnet-level operation requirement. When a certain number of blocks are generated by miners and…

Hello, everyone

We are happy to announce that MutliVAC has been listed on PancakeSwap!

At the same time, we will launch a two-week airdrop campaign, and all LPs that add liquidity to MTV/USDT on PancakeSwap can get rewards.

Activity Time:

May 6, 2021 07:00 UTC ~ May 20, 2021 06:59 UTC
Considering the specific height of the BSC block, the activity will start from 7,180,000 and end at 7,580,000.

Activity Reward:

2,000,000 $MTV in total, each block has 5 $MTV reward, which is divided equally by all current LPs.

Participation method:

Just add liquidity for the MTV/USDT trading pair on PancakeSwap.

Note: Search $MTV or the…

Welcome to MultiVAC’s Monthly Project Report. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to mail to

Mainnet release steps are determined, and the exact date is near

There will be 4 stages in Mainnet, from the initial to the infinity.

Stage ZERO:

  • The trial operation goes by the staking mechanism and PBC (Polar Byzantine Consensus), it’s supposed to achieve hundreds of node-level Byzantine consensus and can verify the stability of the network under complex voting conditions.
  • The system will support EVM and allow the mature developers, components, and users in Ethereum to smoothly migrate to the MultiVAC ecosystem.
  • In order to ensure the safety of the system and prevent…

As the BEP-20 $MTV has been published, there are more and more liquidity mining opportunities are ongoing, this is a guideline for getting token on BSC and joining in liquidity mining.

How to identify $MTV in BSC?

The contract address in BSC is 0x8aa688ab789d1848d131c65d98ceaa8875d97ef1

Check on explorer:

Note: You can also add the contract to your wallet for your convenience. The ERC-20 address for $MTV is 0x6226e00bCAc68b0Fe55583B90A1d727C14fAB77f , you can check it in CMC or Etherscan.

How to get BEP-20 $MTV?

1, Get BEP-20 token through the official bridge

The official bridge can help you automatically swap the ERC-20 token to the BEP-20 token in 30 mins:

Step 1, Put tokens in your wallet ( NOT EXCHANGE ADDRESS…

Many tokens have got ATH since 2021, from bottom to top, both MTV and Doge have rised 74x!

But which one has more potential to be the real gem?

Let’s play a VS-Staking game!

How to play:

Stake your MTV and Doge at the same time for 30 days, if Doge rises faster, you will get 3% of Doge’s staking amount as a reward. Conversely, if MTV rises faster, you will get 3% of MTV’s staking amount as a reward.

Subscription Time:

From now to 16:00 UTC 18th April

Staking Time:

From 16:00 UTC 18th April to 16:00 UTC 18th May

Rate of return:

3% for a month (43% ARR).

Staking amount:

Minimum: 30,000 MTV + 1,000…

Hello everyone

We are happy to announce that MultiVAC will join the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.

We have to admit that the development of the crypto world is very fast. In just a few years, the entire industry has undergone tremendous changes. More and more blockchain systems have been linked to delivering value to each other. A larger ecosystem has been formed. Whether it is Ethereum, BSC, or Polkadot, the boundaries of data islands have been completely broken, and the rise of Defi gave everyone the possibility of creating value together. …

Welcome to MultiVAC’s Monthly Project Report. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to send your feedback to

New roadmap released

The new roadmap shows that MultiVAC will complete the phased deployment plan for the main network in 2021, and the protocol will continue to be upgraded, including compressed data transportation, native cross-chain features, and other updates. …

To everyone:

Sending away the cold winter, we ushered in a warm spring.

As the third anniversary of MultiVAC is approaching, we bring you a brand new roadmap for 2021.

MultiVAC Mainnet

We know that this is our most important thing. All the concerns and inquiries are encouragements to us.

As we all know, the technical characteristics of MultiVAC are fair, safe, and efficient guaranteed by a large number of nodes. For this reason, we have conducted many tests. We finally find that we have to face different challenges under different network conditions of different scales and environments. Obviously, the best solution…

In 2018, we talk about DApp

In 2019, we talk about Staking

In 2020, we talk about Defi

In 2021, we talk about NFT and more applications


Since the birth of MultiVAC, parallel processing has been put in the first place. Whether it is called “multi-core Ethereum” or “sharding killer”, you can find many kinds of evidence in the whitepaper, yellowpaper, and purplepaper. Yes, we have made many trade-offs and designs for parallel processing.

For faster transactions, we design the ledger structure by sharding, no one has a complete ledger, but everyone owns all the ledger. At the same…

Today, we bring you a hard-core knowledge: MultiVAC’s transaction and contract processing procedures.

As everyone knows, MultiVAC is based on the original all-dimensional sharding technology, which realizes the ultimate expansion of multiple dimensions such as computing, storage, and transmission. For the first time, it gives the blockchain system the ability to parallelize processing, and the performance of the entire network can be linearly expanded. At the same time, it supports Turing’s complete smart contract programming and is known as a true multi-core world computer.

So how does this computer process transactions and contracts? Let me show you.

Transaction processing

1. The miner starts, completes the mortgage, enters the re-sharding process, and chooses to serve a…


All-dimensional Sharding Flexible Blockchain, known as multi-core Ethereum with parallel processing.

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