Winners of Testnet Naming Contest

4 min readJan 31, 2019


To celebrate the upcoming testnet, we held a Testnet Naming Contest to look for a perfect testnet name. Within a week, we are glad to see 80 brilliant names and over 350 votes contributed by our fans. Now let’s check out the winner list first!

Part 1: Winners of Bounty

1. Lucky Voter Awards

Lucky Voter: All voters who guess out the Best Name(chosen by the team) correctly will share and divide 10000MTV together equally.

The Best Name for MultiVAC Testnet are chosen as——

Testnet 1.0 — Phoenix 凤凰 @RiaMutuc
As the immortal king of birds, Phoenix emblems MultiVAC’s first test network to be like a nirvana, auguring the beginning of MultiVAC’s journey to the future of blockchain.

Testnet 2.0 — Enigma @Crypto_for_me
As incredible and fascinating as an Enigma, how MultiVAC testnet 2.0 supports ordinary PC mining is an Enigma attracts countless people to explore.

Testnet 3.0 — Oracle 神谕 @Crypto_for_me
Oracle symbolizes the will of God and the prophecy of the future. Testing Network 3.0, as the closest to the mainnet, takes Oracle as its name to declare MultiVAC‘s determination to be the leader in blockcahin 3.0 — the era of large-scale application and mass adoption.

So congratulates to all voters who choose @RiaMutuc and @Crypto_for_me, you will share and divide 10000MTV equally together! In all there are 96 lucky voters, so each one will get 105MTV.
Are you one of the lucky voters?

List of Lucky Voters:

2. Naming Awards

During the voting, the naming awards are picked by favorites of our fans. According to over 350 votes, the names rank as——

Popular Name: 5000MTV for the most voted


Pleasing Name: 1000MTV each for the No.2 No.3 and No.4 voted

@UmckaBear1 @RiaMutuc @ashokelal11

Good Name: 500MTV each for No.5 to No.10 voted

@joselitommutuc @Rosshelle_Me @haoqi78956 @LyssaEvansBrown @aaboltaabol @lynWIoL9f6TXRNn

3. Encouragement Awards

Besides the 10 names selected for voting, we find many other nice names with great creativity. To show our encouragement, we decide to award the following participants each with 200MTV——

See all their testnet naming suggestion here!
Thanks all for your creativity and love!

Part 2: Official Testnet

Together with the perfect testnet name designed by our dear fans, we officially announce the MultiVAC testnet as——

Testnet 1.0 — Phoenix
For Phoenix, the development of key modules such as sharding, consensus, storage node, and broadcast mechanism, as well as the development of the entire underlying architecture of the all-dimensional sharding scheme will be finished.
- By using our blockchain browser, users can experience the transaction and the block process.
Note that Testnet 1.0 Phoenix is expected to meet you at the end of February!

Testnet 2.0 — Enigma
For Enigma, performance will be optimized, real-world TPS stress testing will be done, and the development and optimization of miner client will be finished.
- Simply with ordinary PC, users can join the mining test by installing our miner client!

Testnet 3.0 — Oracle
For Oracle, the design of incentive economic model design will be finished and engineering development will be realized. Moreover, Testnet 3.0 will be used for joint debugging and safety testing.
- The first all-dimensional sharding public chain platform complete functions will be ready for the mainnet to open source and launch online!

As you see, we are making every step steadily towards the future.

Are you ready to fly,
hand in hand,
shoulder by shoulder,
to the moon,
with MultiVAC?


Thanks to all participants for your enthusiasm and support. Special regards to 2 chosen contributors @RiaMutuc and @Crypto_for_me for you naming is officially chosen as MultiVAC testnet name!
For MultiVAC community members who weren’t chosen please don’t be sad. We will hold more bounty programs soon. Please stay tuned! We believe your love will lead us to great successes in our upcoming endeavors, just as our motto says: Let there be light!


The award will be distributed to the winners within 2 months after listing on the exchange. MultiVAC reserve all right to explain the bounty rules.

About MultiVAC:

MultiVAC is High-Throughput Flexible Blockchain Platform based on Trusted Sharding Computation. It’s a next-generation public blockchain platform built for integration with large-scale decentralized applications (DApps). As a core aspect of the protocol, developers can customize parameters for consistency, availability and partition tolerance, providing a high degree of user autonomy over the blockchain infrastructure.

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All-dimensional Sharding Flexible Blockchain, known as multi-core Ethereum with parallel processing.