The new game starts: VS-Staking!

Let’s play a VS-Staking game!

How to play:

Subscription Time:

Staking Time:

Rate of return:

Staking amount:

How to participate:


  • Only ERC-20 MTV and BEP-20 Doge are accepted, no other versions.
  • You must send the tokens from your own wallet, the exchange address can not be identified.
  • We will send the tokens back to your wallet when the staking is ended, all the tokens will be sent as the BEP-20 version (including the ERC-20 MTV).
  • If the two tokens are not in the ratio of 1:30, we will calculate your staking amount based on the less one and then will return the left tokens.
  • The reference price of MTV and Doge will be the first price right after the start and end time in CoinMarketCap.
  • All the rewards will be sent within 24 hours after the game ends.

For example:

Starts now, let’s go!




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