The MultiVAC NFT Marketplace has officially launched! Come and grab your Spaceship Collection Giveaway!

We are excited to announce that the NFT Marketplace on the MultiVAC Mainnet has officially been launched. Click HERE ( to come and check it out! Additionally, the commemorative MultiVAC Spaceship NFT Collection has been sent to our stakers and supporters as we laid out in our September 14 Medium post. Navigate to the marketplace to view your mystery box rewards!

As previously mentioned, the NFT Marketplace and Spaceship Collection exist not only to thank our supporters, but to also enrich the ecology of the MultiVAC Mainnet and serve as an important reference for future application construction. Lower transaction fees, faster confirmation speeds, and interesting mystery boxes are not only important features of the MultiVAC NFT Marketplace, but will act to attract more collectors and creators to our ecosystem.


1. Search Bar: You can use the search bar to search for Names, Tags, and NFT Series by clicking on the icon or pressing enter.

2. Wallet Connection: You can connect or disconnect your wallet by clicking on the button in the upper right-hand corner. Please ensure your wallet is set to the MultiVAC Mainnet network. Only metamask is currently supported. (You may add the Mainnet network to your metamask account by clicking on the button in the bottom right corner.)

3. Sorting & Filtering: The most recently updated collections are shown by default, and you can easily sort through the listed NFTs by price. The three checkboxes here are filters for displaying either your collections, NFTs on sale, or mystery boxes.

4. Collection List: All of the collections in the list are clickable. Please note that a mystery box can also be on sale (no one knows what will be inside before purchasing and opening it). The price is currently displayed in $MTV.

1. Metadata: You can see the Metadata of the collection here, including Name, Owner, Creator, and so on.

2. Status & Operations: The status will either be shown as being “On Sale” or “Not For Sale”.

a) You are able to buy a collection which doesn’t belong to you and shows the status as being “On Sale”.

b) You can “List” your collection, which will change the status to being “On Sale”. You can also “Delist” it at anytime in order to make it unable to be traded.

c) You can “Open The Box!” if the image of the collection is still the default cover. Once this is done, you will see the result of your mystery box.

d) You can use the “Giveaway” function to give your collection to your friends as a gift whether it’s opened or not.

3. Properties: This shows the distribution of the selected collection series.

4. History: Here the trading history of this collection item is displayed.

Looking Forward

The interstellar voyage of MultiVAC’s NFT Marketplace has just begun. Next, we will continue to update our platform with more features and invite additional partners to create collections on our platform. We hope that, in the near future, the MultiVAC NFT Marketplace will shine in the NFT world and become one of the premier mainstream NFT marketplaces for the greater crypto community.

If you have been following our posts, you will know that we have always believed that the community is our project’s greatest source of strength. If the community is strong, then the project is too. We are thus currently working alongside our experienced NFT partners on a community-run NFT marketplace with new functions and designs, which will be completely operated by the community. We will update everyone regularly on the continual progress of MTV.Art through our social media channels, so keep an eye out for our future announcements.

Let there be light!


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