The final list of Sharding killer winners

The #Sharding Killer# Bounty has lasted for one month. We were glad to receive more than 200 submissions from the community. Then we selected 81 qualified works from them, after fierce voting and team selection, we got the final list of winners, please check it.

At the same time, if you have any different opinions on the results, please click here and fill in your comments within 24 hours, we will carefully consider and review them again.

Finally, I would like to thank all the participants very much for your efforts and support, the team like every work you have done.

This is the list of winners for Sharing Killer:

Contribution Award (100MTV/work) :

All works that appear in this link👉Sharding Killer-group voting started!

Group Popularity Awards:

Popularity Award №1:

Picture group (373 votes ), 50000 MTV

Popular Award №2:

Article group (289 votes), 30000 MTV

Popularity Award №3:

Video group (274 votes), 10000 MTV

(The members of the group will share different amounts MTV according to the number of votes)

Excellence Awards:

First prize (5000MTV/person)

Article group:

Article 1: Why MultiVAC is called Sharding Killer? (Wrote by @joselitommutuc)

Video group:

Video 1: MultiVAC Sharding Killer (Made by @joselitommutuc)

Picture group:

>Picture 39 Made by @Roshan87888360

Second Prize (3000MTV/person)

Article group:

Article 9: MultiVAC 分片殺手 實至名歸 (Wrote by @YingHung2)

Article 11: MultiVAC — The Sharding Killer (Wrote by @aaboltaabol

Article 13: Can be MultiVAC called Sharding Killer? (Wrote by @UmckaBear1

Video group:

Video 4: MultiVAC Sharding Killer — Near future (Made by @adamdonik)

Video 7: MultiVAC — All Dimensional Sharding Ultimate Solution(Made by @Syndicator_org)

Video 9: MultiVAC — Sharding Killer (Made by @forexauditor)

Picture group:

>Picture 30 Made by Ashish Ghormare

>Picture 41 Made by @CafassoAlonzo

>Picture 43 Made by @afifridwanp

Third Prize (1000MTV/person)

Article group:

Article 3: MultiVAC-All-Dimensional Sharding (Wrote by@WI15995779)

Article 5: Fully sharded public blockchain — — MultiVAC (Wrote by @henhao7991)

Article 6: MultiVAC — Sharding Killer (Wrote by @kriptoman171)

Article 8: MTV Sharding Tech (Wrote by @Syndicator_org)

Article 12: THE FIRST QUESTION ” (Wrote by @ArtemErilin

Video group:

Video 2: Quest for Blockchain Scalability — MultiVAC “Sharding Killer” Solution(Made by @joselitommutuc)

Video 3: MultiVAC Sharding Killer(Made by @cyclon_76)

Video 6: Sharding in Blockchain Research(Made by @cc_okenwa)

Video 8: MultiVAC — Sharding Killer (review, competitive advantage)(Made by @MateikoSergio)

Video 10: Selection of blockchain sharding technology (Made by @backcome26)

Video 13: MultiVAC — Sharding Killer (Made by @rust503)

Video 19: MultiVAC Sharding Killer — 2nd Video (Made by @TN_Tawach_VN )

Picture group

>Picture 15 Made by @nina34751706 >Picture 21 Made by @haoqi78956 >Picture 27(1–4), the four pictures are made by @joselitommutuc

>Picture 36 Made by @Syndicator_org (Picture 36 is too large to upload, please click here to watch the original picture)

>Picture 40 Made by @AlexKaskad>Picture 46 Made by @joselitommutuc >Picture 47 Made by @LEO05987286

Thank you again for your participation and look forward to the next bounty!

All-dimensional Sharding Flexible Blockchain, known as multi-core Ethereum with parallel processing.