Summary of MultiVAC daily AMA with CTO Dr. Shawn

In MultiVAC, does miner need to save complete blockchain data? If not, how does a miner validate transactions and produce blocks without complete data?

1.) MTVs websocket (wss:// seems to be configured to only accept incoming connections from ‘localhost’, which means I can’t acess it on my service frontend (using a browser). Is it the expected behavior? Is there any way I get access rights from a different origin?

2.) Will we get a blockchain Explorer like etherscan, bscscan and ftmscan?

3.) Some people told that the whole MTV network runs on one server. Into the last AMA you told that the network will add automatically so many nodes as needed. How many server you have ready for this and are they hosted at different locations?

4.) As per last questions, it was stated that the gas limit for a single transaction is about 4 million which limit it to ~480 transfers per call & increasing this will increase the size of a single block, affecting broadcast speed. Is the broadcast speed determined by gas per block or net gas of total blocks (all shards)? (i.e. do 10,000,000,000 blocks with a blocksize of 1 process faster than 1 block with a block size of 10,000,000,000).

1) People want also know which steps are still needed to start the final audit and the hackathon.

2) Currently only one shard is activated. If the usage on the network is high, the shard-split behavior will be triggered. Is this meaning that MultiVAC is ready to support unlimited Shards? Out of my view this would be huge.

3) What are the computer technical needs to operate a node. (What do I need to purchase?)

4) How many Multivac will I need to operate a node?

5) I wanted to build a smart contract to send tokens but there is an upper gas limit per transaction which limit it to just ~480 transfers per call. Any plans on increasing that or any more details?

6) How does MTV intends to provide long-term rewards to stakers or nodes. With actual APR there would be about two years of coins in the reserve. What mechanism will be put in place?

1) Please can you give us an option to create a password on unstaking?

2) Do you have any info on the community plan?

3) Can you make a MTV announcement telegram channel where only MTV can write in News/Updates? So all the news can be seen there and don’t need to be asked constantly in the main channel (but please hold it clean from twitter people who post hundred of messages about their activity)?

4) Can you give us an Anagramm and an Organigramm about MultiVAC (it can also be without the names of the persons that work for MultiVAC)?

5) Which strategy MultiVAC follows? How is the mainnet development going on?

6) Are there any news about the incoming audit and about the nodes and the hackathon?

7) MultiVAC was planning a Defi portal named! But suddenly all news stopped about it. Will we get the planned platform? See also https:

8) Which types of nodes will exist and how are the requirements to run different types of nodes?

1) Why is everything on the MTV Blockchain at the moment occurring on Shard 0? Is it because the remaining shards are not functional at the moment or is there any other reason for it?

2)Is the testnet still available for testing dApps pre-deployment? If not what other viable option(s) are there if we are not considering deployment to the mainnet initially?

3) What are the specifications required for deploying a dApp on the MultiVac Blockchain (including Smart Contracts)?

4)Some clarification on how the dApp Incubator that is mentioned on the MultiVac website will work in the future.

5) In spite of the sofistication of the PoIE algorithm and the punishment of penalization of malicious behavior, what is the level of security that is offered against intrusion or data theft, given that compared to other level 1 blockchain technologies and their PoW or PoS algorithms, PoIE is relatively untested so far? And do Merkle Trees offer some sort of additional data security with regards to the aforementioned concern?




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All-dimensional Sharding Flexible Blockchain, known as multi-core Ethereum with parallel processing.