Summary of AMA with Polychain Monsters

We had a AMA&Quiz with Polychain Monsters at October 27th • 2:00pm UTC in MultiVAC telegram group, the following is a summary.

Steve T88888, Bad Days/Pmon Ambassador,Swap Shop & SCV admin

Can you give us a quick overview of MultiVAC?

Eric, MultiVAC Community Admin

MultiVAC is the next-generation public blockchain designed for large-scale and complex distributed applications. What makes MTV different from our competition, is that we have blockchain trilemma flexibility. This allows developers to trade off between decentralization, scalability, and security.

Everything you would like to know about MTV can be located here:

Steve T88888, Bad Days/Pmon Ambassador,Swap Shop & SCV admin

MTV Mystery boxes are coming Friday, any new information that you can share?

Eric, MultiVAC Community Admin

We are excited for the release of the NFT mystery boxes. As MTV previously announced, we have created 5000 of the mystery boxes; we will be airdropping one box per 1 million staked. Remember, you must have your 1m staked before the official snapshot on October 29th at 13:00 UTC to be eligible! About half will be given to our loyal staking members and the rest will be available for the community to buy

Members will be able to buy, open, and sell the mystery boxes and the spaceship NFTs. The NFTs will have a rarity associated with each one — common, rare, epic, and legendary. This is a fun feature for the community and I hope everyone is looking forward to opening the legendary Spaceship!

With that said, I’m pleased to announce that a few of our community members, in conjunction with the MTV devs, are working on a more elaborate marketplace that will be a standalone dapp with more features and abilities. We are also working with major NFT artists who have expressed a desire to launch exclusive collections on MTV. These artists have already launched very successful collections on other NFT marketplaces.

Steve T88888, Bad Days/Pmon Ambassador,Swap Shop & SCV admin

This question is for Polychain. Will Polychain Monsters add the ability to mint Polymon Booster Packs on the MTV blockchain in the near future, and can you elaborate a bit on what that means for MTV?

Lina, Polychain Monsters Business Developer

It’s our belief that the future of crypto blockchains will not be winner-takes-all and that multiple solutions will co-exist based on their various strengths and weaknesses. That’s why we’re on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, and soon, Polygon Network.

From our launch on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) — where we were among the first successful NFT projects to launch — we learned it’s crucial for our community to trade their Polymon on a reliable, fast, and easy-to-use secondary NFT marketplace. That’s why we are closely monitoring the NFT ecosystem development and its accompanying emergence of secondary marketplaces that fulfill our collector’s needs within the MTV ecosystem.

Looking at the outstanding progress the MTV team has already made in a short period of time, we’d love to be among the first to bring thousands of daily users on the MTV blockchain. The ability to take advantage of your low gas fees and fast speed provide the perfect base for mass-adoption.

Steve T88888, Bad Days/Pmon Ambassador, Swap Shop & SCV admin

As we learned in our last AMA, MTV will be releasing Smart Contracts in November. I also have heard about EVM. Can you elaborate on why EVM is so important?

Eric, MultiVAC Community Admin

Currently, MultiVAC has supported EVM. In 2018, we planned multiple virtual machines, and finally the mainnet first supported EVM. Because EVM has the largest developer community and the largest user group. Supporting EVM can help MultiVAC quickly acquire developers and users.

MultiVAC will support the MRC series of standards in November, which are similar to ERC standards. These standards allow developers to quickly develop new DApps with unified standards, reuse a large number of existing ETH/BSC ecological codes, quickly build mature application scenarios, and issue new digital assets based on the MultiVAC main network. This will greatly Expand the Ecosystem of MultiVAC.

Steve T88888, Bad Days/Pmon Ambassador,Swap Shop & SCV admin

Last month MTV announced that they are actively hiring to grow the MTV core team, including software engineers and marketing professionals. Can you update us on how the hiring process is going so far, and in particular, the status of hiring a Chief Marketing Officer?

Eric, MultiVAC Community Admin

After we announced the opening of the Singapore office and recruited employees, we received a lot of resumes and are currently making further arrangements. At the same time, because Dr.Shawn graduated from NTU, we are communicating and seeking cooperation with the school, hoping to recruit more outstanding R&D staff or interns. The specific position and recruitment situation will be continuously updated in the future. Please stay tuned.

Steve T88888, Bad Days/Pmon Ambassador,Swap Shop & SCV admin

As the team is reaching important milestones in the next few weeks, including the release of smart contracts, developer documents, and public staking clients, does the team have any developer events and/or hackathons in the works to grow the MTV ecosystem?

Eric, MultiVAC Community Admin

One of the most important pieces of any successful blockchain is the blockchain’s developer community.

In order for the community to flourish, MTV will provide substantial support to foster this community by providing developer events and hackathons sponsored by the MTV team, providing financial support through an MTV incubator, promoting MTV developer meetups across the world, and doing what we can to educate the community about the MTV blockchain and its community projects through documentation, video and other misc support.

Before we launch the developer events and hackathon, we are working to audit our code.

Steve T88888, Bad Days/Pmon Ambassador,Swap Shop & SCV admin

Are you ready to answer the Community questions Eric

Eric, MultiVAC Community Admin

Yeah you bet, Lina just sent the list over, there are a ton of questions in here. I will pick a few of them.


What is the best wallet to use to interact with your nft marketplace to buy some nfts when it goes live?

Eric, MultiVAC Community Admin

We highly recommend MetaMask for NFT’s and for staking as it’s very easy to retake rewards. I personally use MetaMask with Ledger Nano X


What is the benefit of partnering together? What makes MTV and Polychain Monsters unique?

Eric, MultiVAC Community Admin

We are both up and coming projects and both in the NFT space (with us just now getting into it). We saw the amazing NFT’s that Polychain created and saw the value in booster packs being available on our blockchain. Also MTV’s cost/speed is very competitive. Both companies are growing their ecosystems and we thought this was a great way to start.


What makes you feel confident about the survival & sustainable success of your project in the near future? While you build your project, do you take into account community feedback and demands? Will Polychain develop on MTV? Can we see MTV own its own game in future?

Eric, MultiVAC Community Admin

MTV has been around since 2018 and has survived a brutal bear market. Our team is dedicated and focused on delivering high quality technology. We have the most amazing community that we could hope for with dedicated professionals supporting the MTV team and assisting us in our efforts to make MTV a world class blockchain.

The team receives feedback from the community daily and we strive to improve upon those ideas. An excellent example of interacting with the community is the NFT marketplace. The current marketplace is fun, has spaceships, and is a great perk for our members. Our community sent feedback that they wanted even more features and we listened as that is now in the works alongside some of our community devs.

As far as a game goes, Dr. Shawn is interested in exploring the gaming side potential so there is definitely an interest there!


Do you think is possible to develop a successful play-to-earn game on MultiVAC blockchain in the future?

Eric, MultiVAC Community Admin

I think this is an excellent idea and I’ve heard a few community members talking about creating this. I hope that with the November update, we are flooded with developers that want to build their excellent ideas on MTV blockchain. I cant wait!


Do you have plans to list on more exchanges?

Eric, MultiVAC Community Admin

All have been applied to and current conversations are ongoing. My question is, what are they waiting for?


How can you brighten our future?

Eric, MultiVAC Community Admin

We can give you a high quality blockchain, high TPS, low cost, spaceships, high APR (with 5% bonus at 4B), bridge access, and a very amazing community.


What is the most ambitious goal of MultiVAC? What is the ultimate vision that your project is trying to achieve within the cryptocurrencies market?

Eric, MultiVAC Community Admin

To have a large, successful ecosystem that solves real world use cases. We are still early with a bright future ahead of us. I believe blockchain technology can make a positive impact in society.


Does ETH 2.0 cause any threat to MultiVAC?

Eric, MultiVAC Community Admin

You can watch the interview with Dr.Shawn here as he explains this in detail. Here’s the link:


Are there collaborations planned with other Projects in the future?

Eric, MultiVAC Community Admin

Yes there are current talks with a number of partnerships. I obviously can’t reveal more details but they are very exciting.


What is your most important purpose in 2022 on the blockchain market?

Eric, MultiVAC Community Admin

The team will meet to discuss our 2022 road map towards the end of the year, but our focus will be to grow the Ecosystem as much as possible.


On the website you say any laptop can mine MTV, where can we learn more about this? I would like to get in line and also need to know if there is a minimum staked amount to do this.

Eric, MultiVAC Community Admin

Node operation documents will be out in December as that is part of our Q4 road map target. Currently the minimum requirement to run a node is 1 million MTV.


What separates you from other layer 1 solutions like Harmony or Ziliqa?

Eric, MultiVAC Community Admin

Here is a straight forward chart. At the highest level we have a TPS advantage and it will be much less hardware intensive for node operation. Also the core of MTV is the flexibility feature.


Are there potential advantages to projects listed on the MultiVAC Mainnet?

Eric, MultiVAC Community Admin

Low cost, high TPS, and flexibility


An MTV panda is great, but could there be more MTV Polychain Monsters in the future? And would you accept ideas for monsters from the community?

Eric, MultiVAC Community Admin

We would love to see this! Maybe Polychain can come up with some amazing ideas when MTV hits certain milestones. Example — 4B Staked could lead to a “Staking Beast”, Node operations could lead to a node dweller, or when we hit multiple shards, we could unlock a “Sharding Killer Dragon” — tons of ideas here!


MultiVAC is a high-throughput flexible blockchain platform based on all-dimensional sharding. It’s a next-generation public blockchain platform built for integration with large-scale decentralized applications.

MultiVAC is developing the first solution in the world characterized by speediness, efficiency, and all-dimensional sharding to expand its capacity in computation, transmission, and storage. It realizes the maximum throughput while maintaining decentralization and without sacrificing security.

About us: Website | Mainnet

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All-dimensional Sharding Flexible Blockchain, known as multi-core Ethereum with parallel processing.

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All-dimensional Sharding Flexible Blockchain, known as multi-core Ethereum with parallel processing.

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