Sharding Killer-group voting started!

The collection of this bounty has ended, we have received contributions from all over the world, thanks a lot for your support.

Finally, we selected out nearly 100 qualified works, every qualified works will be awarded at least 100 MTV.

And then we divided all works into 3 groups (picture group, video group and article group), we will open the voting link for 3 groups , and eventually ranked according to the total number of votes in each group, and then member of each group can share different amounts of MTV:

Popularity Award №1: Members of the group can share 50,000 MTV

Popular Award №2: Members of the group can share 30,000 MTV

Popularity Award №3: Members of the group can share 10,000 MTV

Please click here to vote for your own works and your favorite works.

If you have any opinions on any work , you also can write down in the Voting Link, if there is a big problem with the work, we will consider canceling his or her award-winning qualification and give his or her bonus to the supervisor.

Voting time: 2.21–24:00 on 2.25 (GMT+8)

Voting link:

Review the award setting:

Qualified pictures

(click on the number to jump over the link and view the original picture)

>Picture 1. Made by @vitaliikoliaka (it’s sticker)

>Picture 2. & Picture3. Made by @AdamBielski7

>Picture 4 \Picture 5 and Picture 6 all Made by @aaboltaabol.

>Picture 7 Made by @hochumilion >Picture 8 & Picture 9 are Made by @kolyakavolodimi

> Picture 10 Made by @GhirlandaAdolfo >Picture 11 Made by @ashokelal11 > Picture 12 Made by @CryptoViewInk

>Picture 13 Made by @helen_thoa >Picture 14 Made by @helen_thoa >Picture 15 Made by @nina34751706

>Picture 16 , Picture 17 and Picture 18 all Made by @rust503

>Picture 19 Made by @forexaudito>Picture 20 Made by @alex_spartak80 >Picture 21 Made by @haoqi78956

>Picture 22 Made by @taiyang7852 >Picture 23 Made by @aybount >Picture 24 Made by @revived15

>Picture 25 Made by @optimalvi >Picture 26 Made by @joselitommutuc

>Picture 27(1–4), the four pictures are made by @joselitommutuc

>Picture 28 (Stickers)Made by @joselitommutuc >Picture 29 Made by @borandreas88 >Picture 30 Made by Ashish Ghormare

>Picture 31 Made by @UmckaBear1 >Picture 32 Made by @thanhngan85 >Picture 33 Made by mostsoda

>Picture 34 Made by @Serhii62056440 >Picture 35 Made by @YingHung2 >Picture 36 Made by @Syndicator_org (Picture 36 is too large to upload, please click here to watch the original picture)

>Picture 37 Made by @cc_okenwa >Picture 38 Made by @borandreas88 >Picture 39 Made by @Roshan87888360

>Picture 40 Made by @AlexKaskad >Picture 41 Made by @CafassoAlonzo >Picture 42 Made by straimrpl777

>Picture 43 Made by @afifridwanp >Picture 44 Made by @WI15995779 >Picture 45 Made by @Rosshelle_Me

>Picture 46 Made by @joselitommutuc >Picture 47 Made by @LEO05987286 >Picture 48 Made by @ArtemErilin

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