MultiVAC’s March 2024 Monthly Project Report

3 min readMar 31, 2024


Welcome back to MultiVAC’s Monthly Project Report. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to email us at

This month has been marked by intensive focus and progress across various fronts. Here are the key highlights from our endeavors:

1.Focus on AI Development:

Aside from the roadmap items published on our website, the MultiVAC Foundation is committed to remain at the leading-edge of technology. Through extensive research, learning, and exploration, we have confirmed our commitment to advancing in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The team is deeply immersed in AI development work, and we have also welcomed several exceptional developers and marketers to our team. These new members are currently undergoing familiarization processes and have already begun contributing to our projects. We have introduced some of them to active community members to facilitate their quick integration and understanding of our initiatives. We are utmost excited with those new developments, and we look forward to introducing the new members of the team to everyone at the appropriate time.

2.Upcoming Events in Dubai:

Our core development and marketing teams are scheduled to arrive in Dubai in April for the Blockchain Life and Token2024 conferences. We have also prepared new merch. If you are attending, we look forward to seeing you there! Additionally, we will be sharing updates online.

3.Market Opportunities:

Favorable market conditions are good opportunities to increase the reach of MultiVAC, attracting new participants and developers to our ecosystem. To help reach this goal, the MultiVAC Foundation has decided to seek suitable, high-quality, and community-friendly Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). Over the last week of this month, we posted a survey in the community to gather recommendations. The survey will remain open until April 5th, and we kindly solicit your valuable contribution:

4.Mainnet Staking Page Update:

We strive to meet our community’s expectations. That’s why your continuous feedback is important to us. In response to recent requests from some community members (primarily related to tax reporting convenience), we have updated the “Reward Record Export” feature on the mainnet staking page. You can now find the export button at the bottom left corner of your account page. If you encounter any issues during usage, please feel free to email us at for assistance.

Thank you for your continued support and engagement with MultiVAC. We are committed to transparency, progress, and collaboration as we strive to build a robust and innovative ecosystem together.


MultiVAC is a high-throughput flexible blockchain platform based on all-dimensional sharding. It’s a next-generation public blockchain platform built for integration with large-scale decentralized applications.

MultiVAC is developing the first solution in the world characterized by speediness, efficiency, and all-dimensional sharding to expand its capacity in computation, transmission, and storage. It realizes the maximum throughput while maintaining decentralization and without sacrificing security.

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All-dimensional Sharding Flexible Blockchain, known as multi-core Ethereum with parallel processing.