MultiVAC’s April 2022 Monthly Project Report

Welcome our new team member, Cathy.

Giveaway from BitKan

Listing on Fibswap

MTV is available on Guardarian

Dr.Shawn answered some questions from the community.

1. Why is everything on the MTV Blockchain occurring on Shard 0 at the moment? Is it because the remaining shards are currently not functional or is there any other reason for that?

2. Is the testnet still available for testing dApps pre-deployment? If not, what other viable option(s) are there if we are not considering deployment to the mainnet initially?

3. What are the specifications required for deploying a dApp on the MultiVac Blockchain (including Smart Contracts)?

4. Can you clarify how will the dApp Incubator mention on the MultiVac website work in the future?

5. In spite of the sophistication of the PoIE algorithm and the penalization of malicious behavior, what is the level of security that is offered against intrusion or data theft, compared to other level 1 blockchain technologies and their PoW or PoS algorithms? PoIE is relatively untested so far. And do Merkle Trees offer some sort of additional data security with regards to the aforementioned concern?




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All-dimensional Sharding Flexible Blockchain, known as multi-core Ethereum with parallel processing.