MultiVAC the 27th Bi-Weekly Report: MultiVAC Listing Proposal on Binance DEX, Opening a New Chapter in Trading

5 min readJul 29, 2019


Welcome to MultiVAC’s Bi-Weekly Project Report for the past two weeks. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to send your feedback to

Key Progress

*The price of MTV is dramatically increased today, up to 9.8%. It’s 0.00815$. The total increase in the past three days has reached 44%;

*The total deposits reached 144 million MTV, and the third phase is short of 5.6 million. The new round of backup will be started in a short while;

*Completed the development of Testnet 3.0 miner deposit function;

*Optimized the address details page, and added data including the Deposit, Balance;

*MultiVAC Listing Proposal on Binance DEX, Opening a New Chapter in Trading;

*NGC StakeX Officially Joined the MultiVAC Miner Node;

Technological Progress

Base-layer System

1. Completed the development of Testnet 3.0 miner deposit function;
2. Refactored the system structure to further improve the underlying code;
3. Optimized consensus performance, and improved the efficiency of the system generation block;
4. Optimized the logic of message distribution, and greatly reduced the network transmission volume;
5. Increased the processing logic of the timeout messages;


1. Optimized the Network page and added data including Daily ROI and Annual ROI;
2. Optimized the address details page, and added data including the Deposit, Balance;
3. Fixed some browser bugs;

Smart Contracts

1. Completed the development of miners to extract the Smart Contract data;
2. Solved the data problem in the main shard of the Smart Contract;
3. Tested the logic writing of the smart contract virtual machine and supported the miner to execute the smart contract;

Mining Progress

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Official deposit address: 0x7F7EBDBf85028Bb6Cd8fb078f5aD89Dd162868c6

Community Progress

1. MultiVAC Listing Proposal on Binance DEX, Opening a New Chapter in Trading

We are thrilled to share the good news with you that after joining Binance Info’s Transparency Initiative in May, MultiVAC plans to issue a BEP-2 token on Binance Chain and has already submitted a proposal to list the MTV (BEP-2) token on the Binance Decentralized Exchange (DEX).

With the creation of the MTV BEP-2 token, MTV will be tradeable on both the Ethereum network and Binance Chain, bringing token holders an added dimension of liquidity and privacy. This is a very exciting development for MultiVAC and a great step to further expand our engagement with Binance Chain. Click here to know more about our listing proposal on Binance Community.

2. MultiVAC Community Held a Voting Bounty for the Listing Proposal

MultiVAC organized an activity voting for the bounty on July 16th to celebrate MultiVAC’s listing proposal on Binance DEX, and show the active and energetic outlook of the MultiVAC community. Anyone who participates in voting has an equal opportunity to win the 200MTV reward.

3. NGC StakeX Officially Joined the MultiVAC Miner Node

We were delighted to announce that NGC StakeX officially becomes one of the miner nodes in MultiVAC on July 18th, contributing to ecological development of the project. NGC StakeX is a new product jointly launched by top investment institutions NGC and XOrder in early 2019. It aims to help institutional investment partners to increase cryptocurrency assets through compound interest, with annual returns ranging from 20% to 50%.

As an investor in the early stage of MultiVAC, NGC, who firmly believes in the long-term value of our project, is a strong supporter not only for our development but also the idea of all-dimensional sharding. Click here to know more.

4. MultiVAC CEO Frank Was Invited to Attend in KuCoin’s China Tour in Beijing

MultiVAC CEO Frank was invited to Attend in KuCoin’s China Tour Beijing Station on July 18th. As the first project of KuCoin’s Spotlight, MultiVAC has always had a good relationship with KuCoin. Through this event, the two parties can further understand each other’s strategic plans and have more opportunities to cooperate.

5. MultiVAC Korean Community Was Officially Established to Further Amplify Community Influence

On July 24th, with the assistance of the volunteers in the Korean community, MultiVAC successfully created the Korean Telegram Community. There was a kakao community of nearly 900 people in the past. At present, the Korean Telegram Community was built to better communicate with its enthusiasts and further expand the Korean community’s influence.

Korean community:

6. MultiVAC CTO Professor Ying Was Invited to Attend in the Blockchain Industry Seminar Organized by the China Ningbo Government

Professor Ying, the CTO of MultiVAC, was invited to attend a seminar jointly held by China Ningbo government and entrepreneur media Cyzone and shared his opinions related to blockchain on July 26th.
He says that the origins and privacy-preserving computation are promising applications in the blockchain. The origins can record all agriculture products data from production, transportation, and marketing, ensuring the validity of data. Meanwhile, we hope that all fields can know technological innovation, improving the applications of blockchain.

About MultiVAC

MultiVAC is high-throughput flexible blockchain platform based on trusted sharding computation. It’s a next-generation public blockchain platform built for integration with large-scale decentralized applications (dApps). MultiVAC is developing the first solution in the world characterized by speediness, efficiency, and all-dimensional sharding to expand its capacity in computation, transmission, and storage. It realizes the maximum throughput while maintaining decentralization and without sacrificing security.

At the same time, MultiVAC pioneers flexibility for DApps to trade-off freely on the impossible CAP triangle between decentralization, performance, and security, supporting large-scale decentralized commercial applications for complex and diverse business requirements.

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All-dimensional Sharding Flexible Blockchain, known as multi-core Ethereum with parallel processing.