MultiVAC Mainnet Staking Officially Starts!

Hello everyone, we are very honored to announce that the MultiVAC Mainnet staking event is officially launched today!

For the stable and smooth launch of the Mainnet to be released on June 26th, we bring you triple rewards, surprises, and surprises, don’t miss it!

Pre-Launch Staking Rewards

Time: From now to Mainnet launch

Activity: Fixed staking

Details: In order to encourage users who participated in staking before the launch of the Mainnet, we will give a reward of 0.1% Daily Return (Annual Return 36.5%).

Mainnet Staking Rewards

Time: Mainnet launch starts immediately and continues

Activity: Staking like mining

Details: MultiVAC’s Mainnet will operate in PoS. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the system, external nodes will not be opened to join in the initial stage, so we will distribute all mining rewards to users who participate in staking. There will be 50 MTV rewards per block, and the block generation rate is around 3s / block (ie 1.44 million MTV / day, 525.6 million MTV / year). All the staking users will share the rewards.

Bootstrap Extra Rewards

Time: From now to Stage-ONE starts

Activity: Airdrop for supporters

Details: When the total amount of staking reaches the following goals, all the users participating in staking will receive airdrop rewards, 5% rewards for each goal, totaling 187.5 M tokens.

When the number of nodes reaches 50, MultiVAC has reached a relatively stable operating state. When the number of nodes is lower than this, MultiVAC cannot operate stably. This is a necessary condition for the Mainnet Stage-ZERO to start.
We will airdrop 5% (ie 50K MTV per node) to the first 50 nodes to thank them for building the original MultiVAC consensus network. They are the real founders of MultiVAC.

When the number of nodes reaches 200, the security of MultiVAC’s first shard reaches 99.98%. At this time, MultiVAC has a certain degree of fault tolerance. At this time, the security of MultiVAC is approximately equivalent to the Bitcoin network after 6 block confirmations. This is a necessary condition for the Mainnet to be open for trading. (For reference, if the malicious node has 10% of the computing power, the probability that Bitcoin will not fork after 6 confirmations is about 99.976%)
We will airdrop 5% (ie 50K MTV per node) to the first 200 nodes to thank them for their outstanding contributions to the safety of MultiVAC.

When the number of nodes reaches 500, the security of MultiVAC reaches 99.999994%. This is a highly reliable and stable network that can resist malicious nodes and resist network fluctuations. This is also the recommended number of single shard nodes in the MultiVAC design.
We will airdrop 5% (50K MTV per node) to the first 500 nodes to thank them for their efforts to build a complete shard.

When the number of nodes reaches 1,000, MultiVAC has the possibility of fragmentation. This is a necessary condition for the Mainnet to verify the parallel operation of multiple shards. At this point, even if the node is divided into two shards to run, each shard has good security, and good connectivity between the shards can still be maintained. This is where the multi-core blockchain world begins.
We will airdrop 5% (ie 50K MTV per node) to the first 1,000 nodes to thank them for their great exploration of the multi-core blockchain world.

When the number of nodes reaches 2,000, MultiVAC has the ability to split into 4 shards. This is a necessary condition for the Mainnet to evolve from Stage-ZERO to Stage-ONE. At this time, MultiVAC will have more powerful throughput, better stability, and safety.
We will airdrop 5% (ie 50K MTV per node) to the first 2,000 nodes to thank them for their contributions to the evolution of Mainnet. They are participants, casters, and promoters of MultiVAC.

| Total Staked | Reward Percentage | Reward Amount |
| 50 million | 5% | 2.5 million |
| 200 million | 5% | 10 million |
| 500 million | 5% | 25 million |
| 1 billion | 5% | 50 million |
| 2 billion | 5% | 100 million |

Key Elements:

  1. Mainnet address: The Mainnet will be compatible with ETH and BSC. You can use Metamask, TrustWallet, or other decentralized wallets to directly load your own ETH or BSC address to the MTV Mainnet, that is, the same address can be used for sending and receiving three types of MTV tokens.
  2. Token distribution: All the staked and reward tokens will be distributed to the Mainnet address in terms of the Mainnet token. At that time, we will provide a two-way bridge between Mainnet tokens and other types of tokens to facilitate everyone’s free exchange and transaction.
  3. Lock-in period: After the Mainnet is released, everyone can withdraw reward tokens by themselves. When the bootstrap events end or the Mainnet enters Stage-ONE(maybe earlier), the withdrawal of staked tokens will be open.
  4. Participation conditions: The Mainnet will use 1 million tokens as the standard for a node, but there is no minimum limitation for staking due to the staking pool has been set up, so everyone can enjoy the program now!

How to participate? (applicable to both ERC-20 and BEP-20 tokens)

1, Put tokens in your personal wallet (please do not use the exchange address!!!)

2, Send tokens to the staking address:


QR-code of the staking address

3, Confirm on Mainnet explorer that it works:

Note: Please properly protect your wallet. If the wallet is lost, we cannot help anyone withdraw any tokens.

This is the largest and most meaningful event in MultiVAC’s history. The sooner you join, the more rewards you will get.

Let’s accelerate the construction of the Mainnet, we wish MultiVAC to fly to the moon at rocket speed!


MultiVAC is a high-throughput flexible blockchain platform based on all-dimensional sharding. It’s a next-generation public blockchain platform built for integration with large-scale decentralized applications.

MultiVAC is developing the first solution in the world characterized by speediness, efficiency, and all-dimensional sharding to expand its capacity in computation, transmission, and storage. It realizes the maximum throughput while maintaining decentralization and without sacrificing security.

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