MultiVAC Bi-Weekly Report 23th: MultiVAC Testnet 2.0 Launch Countdown, has opened the Applications for the Testnet Mining

Welcome to MultiVAC’s Bi-Weekly Project Report for the past two weeks. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to send your feedback to

Development Progress

MultiVAC General Architecture Diagram


  1. Solve the inconsistency of heartbeat packet timestamps in different time zones;
  2. Solve the abnormal problem caused by the new node joining the synchronization Gap;
  3. Solve the problem of NAT address penetration in p2p networks;
  4. Solve the problem that the probability of emptying the block is abnormal;
  5. Design and develop Android and IOS clients;

Testnet 2.0

  1. Testnet 2.0 comprehensive testing, including multi-site testing, delay testing, stress testing, etc.
  2. Code a testnet deployment and maintenance script to improve the test online process;

Community Progress

1、MultiVAC Testnet 2.0 Launch Countdown, has opened the Applications for the Testnet Mining

After the efficient and rapid development of MultiVAC core team, MultiVAC testnet 2.0 “Enigma” has been finally developed. A comprehensive test is underway and will be officially released on June 5, with the release of the mining client.

Participate in the testnet 2.0 mining steps:

  1. Create a MultiVAC testnet address;
  2. Withdrawal MTV from the exchange to a personal ETH wallet;
  3. Fill out the application form;
  4. Transfer by own ETH wallet;
  5. Waiting for the team to review the results.

To encourage community users to participate in the system construction actively, MultiVAC will launch pre-mining activities when the testnet 2.0 comes online. This activity will also be the most significant community activity of MultiVAC so far. Not only mining revenue can be converted into mainnet assets, but also all participating users will receive multiple benefits such as locks, mining, lottery, deposit, accumulated prize pool up to 1 million US dollars. This activity will be first come, first served, and then delivered. As of now, we have received more than 200 whitelist applications for miners.

At the same time, testnet2.0 launch news has also been reported by many Chinese media.

2、MultiVAC Held the Event to Celebrate the First Anniversary

To celebrate the first anniversary of MultiVAC, the team held a send blessing event. Community users can participate by forwarding the blessing poster or tweet. The event has involved in nearly 700 people and sent more than 140,000 MTV.

3、MultiVAC Community Credits(MCC) has Begun

To celebrate the launch of MultiVAC TestNet 2.0 “Enigma,” also to thank everyone for the continuous support, we decided to start the MultiVAC Community Credits (MCC).

MCC is an unusual activity to encourage community members, people who will do more discussions about the project and invite more friends to the community will be rewarded. The MCC activity is open to everyone in the community; everyone can check their credits at any time. At present, MCC can be paid in MTV tokens or MultiVAC hoodies, and there will be more rewards in the future. Let us work together to hack the growth of MultiVAC community faster and bigger! Keep fighting!

4、Released the “Mining plan,” Free Deposit 10 million MTV for Community Members

To reduce the threshold for community users to participate in mining and actively participate in the system construction, MultiVAC specially organized the “Mining plan” for the Chinese community. Users only need to share the event posters to WeChat; then they have the opportunity to win the free deposit. Up to now, the event has attracted nearly 1000 people to participate, successfully established more than 10 WeChat groups.

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