MultiVAC Bi-Weekly Report 21th: MultiVAC officially released Smart Contract Programming Purple Paper

Development Progress

Shard asynchronous send block confirmation message flow chart


  1. Dependency injection optimization for modules such as ShardProcessor, miner, and storage node;
  2. The peer module was modified and add a message forwarding mechanism;
  3. Add an actor module to reconstruct the message flow;
  4. The ShardProcessor module was refactored to optimize the code structure;
  5. Develop dynamic resharding logic, the milestone2 was completed, and 50% of the overall development task was completed;
  6. Provide connection layer support for dynamic resharding;
  7. Add some matching interfaces of related RPC to facilitate service level calls;
  8. Solved the problem of node downtime restart stability;

Smart contract and others:

  1. Smart contract purple paper final version checksum confirmation;
  2. Preliminary discussion of MultiVAC economic model design;

Community Progress

  1. MultiVAC Programming Purple Paper Official Released: From Distributed Bookkeeping to Programmable World Computer

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