MultiVAC 2022 Roadmap

Ecosystem Construction:

  • Wrapped Token: Wrapped MTV token will provide a complete infrastructure for more Defi applications.
  • MultiVAC Hackathon: Super processing power has the potential to attract different application possibilities. We are waiting for imaginative developers to surprise us.
  • MTV.ART NFT Marketplace with community projects: Over 70 NFT projects are eagerly awaiting the MTV.ART platform.
  • Ecosystem Grant Program: We aim to support great developers and help them build apps on MultiVAC.
  • Fiat On-Ramp: We expect allowing users to exchange fiat currencies for MTV (Limited to some countries).

Technological Evolution:

  • Explorer Update: MultiVAC will provide a more feature-rich explorer to accommodate a variety of different applications.
  • MultiVAC Web3 Protocol: MultiVAC will provide a complete Web3 interface protocol as a brand-new Internet infrastructure to serve various apps.
  • MultiVAC Mainnet Update: MultiVAC will continuously evolve to adapt to the ever-changing blockchain world.
  • Mainnet Code Audit and Mainnet Token Listing (Not fully controlled by MultiVAC team): With every iteration of the mainnet, there may be many changes. The code audit is an essential and must-do job for MultiVAC.

The Mission of Decentralization:

  • Personal Node Client: MultiVAC is destined to be different. Decentralization believers will converge here.
  • Staker Voting Mechanism: MultiVAC will allow stakers to vote on major decisions in the MultiVAC ecosystem.
  • Long Term Staking: Increase rewards for long-term supporters at the consensus level. Long-term supporters are the strongest and firmest force in the MultiVAC ecosystem.
  • MultiVAC Decentralized Autonomous Organization (Primary Stage): You are a participant, builder and decision maker of MultiVAC.




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All-dimensional Sharding Flexible Blockchain, known as multi-core Ethereum with parallel processing.