How to get BSC $MTV and join in liquidity mining for HIGH rewards?

As the BEP-20 $MTV has been published, there are more and more liquidity mining opportunities are ongoing, this is a guideline for getting token on BSC and joining in liquidity mining.

How to identify $MTV in BSC?

The contract address in BSC is 0x8aa688ab789d1848d131c65d98ceaa8875d97ef1

Check on explorer:

Note: You can also add the contract to your wallet for your convenience. The ERC-20 address for $MTV is 0x6226e00bCAc68b0Fe55583B90A1d727C14fAB77f , you can check it in CMC or Etherscan.

How to get BEP-20 $MTV?

1, Get BEP-20 token through the official bridge

The official bridge can help you automatically swap the ERC-20 token to the BEP-20 token in 30 mins:

Step 1, Put tokens in your wallet ( NOT EXCHANGE ADDRESS )

Step 2, Send tokens to 0x5B3aa286f40C8163d800F323cDd0D80B47C62c99 ( THE BRIDGE ADDRESS )

Step 3, Get tokens of BEP-20 in 30mins ( SAME ADDRESS IN STEP 1 )

Note: if the tokens are in exchange, you must withdraw them to your own wallet and then send them to the bridge, or they will be lost.

2, Get BEP-20 token by exchange

The MTV/USDT trade pair is available on DODO DEX and BurgerSwap now, you can go and check it.

Step 1, Make sure BNB and USDT in your BSC wallet ( Examples for Metamask, Trust Wallet)

Step 2, Trade on DEX as below:

Trade on DODO:

Trade on Burger:

How to join the liquidity mining?

The event on DODO DEX is about $60,000 rewards for MTV/DODO pair in 4-weeks from April 23, 2021, at 14:30 PM to May 21, 2021, at 14:30 PM UTC+8.

The event on BurgerSwap is about $20,000 rewards for MTV/USDT and MTV/BURGER pairs in 2-weeks from April 21, 2021, at 16:00 PM to May 5, 2021, at 16:00 PM UTC+8.

Step 1, Make sure your wallet has been connected to DEX or Swap and there are sufficient BNB in your wallet to pay for the GAS fee.

Step 2, Select the relevant trading pair and add liquidity, then you will get the BLP tokens.

For MTV/DODO in DODO DEX: Visit -> Go to “Liquidity” tab -> Select MTV+DODO Pair -> Click “Add Liquidity”.

For MTV/USDT and MTV/BURGER in BurgerSwap: Visit -> Go to “Liquidity” tab -> Select MTV+USDT or MTV + BURGER Pair -> Click “Approve”.

Step 3, Stake the BLP tokens to farm.

For MTV/DODO in DODO DEX: Go to “Mining” tab -> Click “Stake” in MTV-DODO LP.

For MTV/USDT and MTV/BURGER in BurgerSwap: Go to “Farms” tab -> Click “Approve” in relevant trading pair -> Click “Stake”.

Step 4, Harvest your rewards.

Same place in Step 3, Click “Harvest”, you will get the reward tokens.


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