How to access Mainnet token and re-stake?

3 min readJul 2, 2021


This is a guide for accessing and staking of Mainnet token by Metamask.

The native token of MultiVAC is used as gas in the ecosystem, the address of native token is compatible with ETH and BSC, you can use Metamask and other decentralized wallets to directly load your own ETH or BSC address to the MTV Mainnet, that is, the same address can be used for sending and receiving different types of MTV tokens.

You can also check to get more info.

Note: As the TrustWallet can’t add a custom network at the moment, you can import its account to Metamask by private key or mnemonic phrase, and then follow this guide.

1, Open Metamask and add network

Usually, your default network is Ethereum Mainnet, you can use this wallet to send and receive ETH and other ERC-20 tokens.

After unlock, please click “Ethereum Mainnet” and select “Custom RPC”.

Input the info as below, and click “save”. Then your wallet can access MultiVAC Mainnet through the custom RPC.

Network Name: MultiVAC Mainnet
Chain ID: 62621
Current Symbol: MTV
Block Explorer URL:

2, Select Network and confirm tokens

Back to the main interface of Metamask, you are able to see the staking reward in your wallet (which is displayed as balance in the explorer). Under the MultiVAC Mainnet network, you can send and receive MTV as same as sending and receiving ETH when you are under Ethereum Mainnet. Here is an example, staked 5,000 MTV and got 5.64 MTV reward:

3, Re-stake Mainnet token and check explorer

Open and click “Connect to Metamask”. Then your balance and address will be displayed on the page, you can choose the amount you want to re-stake and click “Go staking” and then finish the transaction. Your staked tokens will be shown on the page in serval minutes.

Of course, you can also send them directly to the staking address, it is as same as ERC-20 or BEP-20 tokens. An example below, re-stake 5 MTV and check on the address page:


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