【17th】MultiVAC Bi-Weekly Project Report 2.25–3.10: Testnet 1.0 “Phoenix” successfully launched

Welcome to MultiVAC’s Bi-Weekly Project Report from February 25 to March 10. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to send your feedback to core@mtv.ac.

1. Development Progress

MultiVAC formally launched its first testnet named “Phoenix” at the end of February 2019. As MultiVAC’s 1.0 testnet version, “Phoenix” is already developed with core modules including sharding, Byzantine consensus family, storage nodes, and straightforward communication mechanism. It is also equipped with an all-dimensional sharded base-layer in terms of computation, storage, and transmission. Users can view transaction and block generating process via the blockchain browser.

Based on the development principle of small step running and fast optimization, after testnet launched, the technical team also carried out many performance optimizations, and bugs fixed on the testnet, and recently released the wallet function. Since the system is just online, the system may not be very stable. You are welcome to come to test it and feel free to give us feedback.

Testnet1.0 function at this stage:
1) Includes wallet create / import feature;
2) You can get test MTV for free and send it to others;
3) The users can view the detailed transaction information of each shard through the blockchain browser;

Other progress:
1) The initialization issues of new nodes are fixed;
2) The hard disk storage solution development has been completed 50%;
3) The system database supports MongoDB;

2. The Final List of Sharding killer Winners Released

A total of 81 valid entries were collected during the event, and 45 people got high rewards, which together divided more than 160,000 MTV, some of them submitted multiple works.

Congratulations to all the winners, and also very grateful to all the participants for their hard work and dedication. Click here to see their excellent works.

3. YAHOO Report: “MultiVAC Launched Testnet 1.0 “Phoenix,” World’s First Fully-Sharded Blockchain”

To celebrate the launch of the testnet 1.0, we also hold commenting bounty in Twitter, telegram and WeChat group, with more than 200 participants, and received high praise from members of MultiVAC community.

Also, once the MultiVAC testnet news was released, it immediately received the report of the top media YAHOO.com, which mentioned “MultiVAC’s underlying protocol makes the world’s first fully-sharded blockchain base-layer in terms of computing, storage, and transmission. On the miner and computing level, it pioneers VRF dynamic re-sharding, organic shard splitting, an innovative PoS approach, and others to ensure the shards’security and self-growth capacity.”

4. Community bounty quiz 2–3 completed

MultiVAC has held a total of three quiz bounty, mainly focusing on MultiVAC’s technical solutions and media publicity. More than 200 people have participated and got a total of 10,000 MTV. Join the MultiVAC community, maybe the next one is you!

5. Hold Essay Competition in Bihu

MultiVAC launched the Essay Competition in Bihu on March 8th. The theme is “Interpretation of the Yellow paper of MultiVAC.” Before the publication of this Bi-Weekly, 12 articles have been received, and 10+ are being written.

Bihu is known as the largest universal content platform in China, and the information distribution center of blockchain knowledge, which brings together many excellent blockchain authors.

About MultiVAC

MultiVAC is High-Throughput Flexible Blockchain Platform based on Trusted Sharding Computation. It’s a next-generation public blockchain platform built for integration with large-scale decentralized applications (dApps). MultiVAC is developing the world’s first fast, efficient, and fully sharded blockchain with sharding for not only computation but also transmission and storage, maximizing throughput while maintaining decentralization and without sacrificing security.

At the same time, MultiVAC pioneers flexibility for DApps to trade off freely on the impossible CAP triangle between decentralization, performance and security, supporting large-scale decentralized commercial applications for complex and diverse business requirements.

Follow us for the latest news and project updates

Onepager: https://www.mtv.ac/assets/file/MultiVAC_OnePager.pdf

Whitepaper: https://www.mtv.ac/assets/file/MultiVAC_Tech_Whitepaper.pdf

Website: https://www.mtv.ac/

Telegram chat link: https://t.me/MTVCommunity

Telegram announcement channel link: https://t.me/MultiVACMTV

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MultiVAC_Global

All-dimensional Sharding Flexible Blockchain, known as multi-core Ethereum with parallel processing.

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All-dimensional Sharding Flexible Blockchain, known as multi-core Ethereum with parallel processing.

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